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International Activities

International Conference / Grand Tour for Design Overseas
The field of package design is not exempt from the recent expansion of the world economy. It is the belief of many designers that Japanese package design should have genuine international appeal. To compete as designers in the world market, JPDA holds International Conference and plans the annual Grand Tour.
International Conference: JPDA invites eminent designers, companies and the All Europe Package Design Association (PDA) to Japan.
Grand Tour: JPDA members visit studios and corporations in Western Countries.

The Asia Package Design (APD) Conference
The Asia Package Design Conference was first held in Seoul, Korea in 1993 and was then hosted by Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo. Gaining publicity, this conference has become a major event in the Asian package design world. A host country proposes a theme and plans lectures and symposiums. During each session, a great number of package designers from Asian nations congregate in the host country, where they exchange information, discuss recent trends and form good relationships.