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Local Activities

ZENKOKU Future NOREN Project
ZENKOKU Future NOREN literally means national (ZENKOKU), future and long-standing business (NOREN) and has two aims. One is to improve public understanding of package design and the other is to rejuvenate traditional local industries. The first attempt in this context succeeded in Osaka, where traditional food made by long-established shops was repackaged with new designs. Thereafter, this project has gradually grown with JPDA’s nationwide activity, gaining the support and the cooperation of local industries. TOHOKU Future NOREN Exhibition was held in Sendai in Autumn 2013.

Cooperative Projects With Private And Public Agencies
Local governments and corporations have recently come to realize the importance of package design’s role in creating products. As a result, many public agencies, and companies propose tie-ups and partnerships with JPDA projects. Their offers range from the creation of packages and logotypes to cosponsorship for design competitions and exhibitions. JPDA welcomes this trend and tries to strengthen relationships with public and corporate bodies.

Recent examples of projects
"The competition to design a logo for a new Miyagi food projects brand" JPDA held the competition in cooperation with Miyagi Prefecture.
"Toyama Design Fair Japan Package Design Exhibition 2012 in Toyama" JPDA held the design festival under the auspices of Toyama City and other design associations in Japan.

Exhibition / Workshop / Social Gathering
Eastern, Central and Western Japan committees actively carry out activities. They plan and operate symposiums, workshops, exhibitions and visitations based on a local network. Each regional division has a new year party in order to expand communication among designers.