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"Package Design in Japan Biennial"
"Package Design in Japan Biennial" introduces about 330 pieces of work, which have won prizes in the Japan Package Design Award Competition. The first edition published in 1985 included design work from the past five years. Since then, JPDA has biennially published "Package Design in Japan Biennial" giving it over a quarter century to show the development of Japanese package design.

“Package Design Index” / “JPDA Member’s Work Today”

“JPDA Member’s Work Today”, which had been published every two years since 1986, has evolved into “Package Design Index” in 2014. It has samples of approximately 3,000 pieces of the latest work made by package designers. This content-rich publication is truly appreciated by creators and other companies as a record of current package design.

Catalog of Exhibits / The 50th Anniversary Issue
In recent years, JPDA compiles catalogs of exhibits with package designers’ exhibitions held by JPDA. The catalogs are used as collections of works that bring out a different aspect of package design from packaging of products. Also, a publication titled "Package Design no Kan Dokoro" was issued as part of JPDA’s 50th anniversary celebrations. The publication describes crucial points of design hidden in packages.